Polished Hair Boutique is a premier salon that caters to the professional woman.  With an understanding that beauty comes from within, we are committed to providing an atmosphere that calms your spirit and mind. We are prepared to enhance your looks by offering an array of beauty solutions from razor sharp cuts, vibrant and natural color, as well as the latest hair extension techniques; all while focusing on preserving the overall healthy condition of your natural tresses.

We encourage, motivate, and beautify from deep within to bring out greatness while focusing on the latest healthy hair trends.  It is our goal to polish our diamonds by assisting you with creating a style that gives you the confidence to be the woman YOU desire to be; encouraging you to “TRY SOMETHING NEW,” and by inspiring you to go out and conquer the world.

It is our goal to provide a fun, yet peaceful and comfortable environment where you are able to relax, laugh, talk about life experiences and current events as we tap into your GOD given beauty.  Shine Bright Like a Diamond; Come and Be POLISHED.

Charitable Donations

Polished Hair Boutique and its affiliates are dedicated to giving back to the community it serves by feeding Columbia’s homeless, collecting donations for food banks, and by collecting clothing to give to students whom are unable to participate in school shopping.  We also sponsor a child to attend the SC state fair and a family at Christmas time, back to school events as well as donating supplies and funds to non-profit organizations to assist them with their projects and efforts.


  1. A great haircut will bring together your overall look and can be styled in different ways to suit your outfits, so it’s important to get it right!
  2. A great haircut will frame your face and have it looking healthy, and a regular trim will help with split ends and general growth of your hair.
  3. A great haircut can take your hair from dry and damaged to healthy and glossy
  4. A great Haircut Can Be Liberating and Boost Self-Confidence



  2. ITS GOOD TO know what hair color is right for your skin tone.  With all of the ombre, blonde and, unexpectedly enough, even gray hair color trends of the past few years, it's easy to feel overwhelmed.
  3. Hair coloring is a complex and skilled job requiring creativity and knowledge, and may offer more creative possibilities
  4. From subtle changes that enhance natural shades or cover the first hints of grey, to dramatic statements or wild punk streaks, a hair color specialist gives their clients the confidence of great color.



  1. INSTANT LENGTH:  Hair is lovely and sine qua non, but for some, hair grows too slow or it needs to be trimmed often because of the split ends and never gets to grow as long as desired.
  2. INSTANT FULLNESS: Hair that is too thin to work with and even if it were waist long it wouldn’t look full, vibrant and healthy.
  3. CHEMICAL FREE: hair extensions is the most natural way to extend your hair without any harmful scalp or hair chemicals.
  4. Natural Looking Install: Hair extensions aren’t easy to install. There are techniques that will give the illusion of natural, healthy, free flowing hair, giving you the confidence to achieve the style of your dreams and look amazing without fearing that your hair extensions can be seen.



  1. Women value, care and praise their hair. It enhances your beauty We aren’t saying your hair style makes you beautiful, but it definitely adds to your natural beauty.
  2. If you’re dressed to impress but your hair doesn’t match your clothes it can ruin your entire look and make you look less put together.
  3. Unhealthy hair can make you come across as a lazy person or someone with low self esteem. Great hair = a great day.
  1. It shows you take care of yourself. You can’t have a great hair style with unhealthy hair. Great hair styles requires shiny and voluminous healthy hair.

List of Services

·         Dry Haircut W/O Style

Dry Haircut W/O Style (HAIR EXTENSIONS)


·         Natural Hair Flat Iron

·         Shampoo And Curl

·         Shampoo And Roller Set/Wrap

·         Shampoo And Specialty Style

·         Silkening Wrap

·         Wrap And Curl



·         Fortifying Treatment

·         Moisturizing Conditioning Treatment

·         Strengthening Treatment (COMBO)

·         Basic Smoothing Treatment (NATURAL HAIR SMOOTHING SYSTEM)

·         Relaxer Retouch Treatment

·         Virgin Relaxer



·         Bleach knots OR Lace Tint (EXTENSIONS)

·         Bleach knots AND Lace Tint (EXTENSIONS)

·         Custom Color/Color Correction (OMBRE, BAYALAGE, FREE HAND)

·         Semi-Permanent

·         Demi Permanent

·         Double Process Color (2 TONES)

·         Single Process Color (1 TONE)



·         Basic sew in

·         Fuller Sew In (3 OR MORE BUNDLES)

·         Sew in With Closure

·         Sew-In with Lace/Silk FRONTAL

·         Glueless Quick Weave


Short Quick Weave

·         Crochet Curly Hair

·         Crochet Loc Twists

·         Crochet Rope Braids Large

·         Crochet Rope Twists Small